Hi, I'm Gray πŸ‘‹

I have the most fun building great products, with great people. To date, working on my own (failed) startups with my cofounder has been the pinnacle of that. I love Ruby and Rails, and find it hard to imagine something else being my β€œgo-to”. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring other technologies.

Professionally, I started out working for the U.S. Navy developing mission planning software using Java and Swing. I learned a lot there, but eventually decided to try my hand at something else.

So I quit. And I spent some time working on my own startups (Rails based, obviously πŸ›€). Neither was ultimately successful, but I enjoyed the wide array of challenges the startup life brings – both technical and non-technical. I created some amazing software, and had a handful of people think it was amazing, too.

Currently, I’m working for a consulting firm as a Rails developer. I’ve had the opportunity to support and improve legacy applications (we’re talking Rails 2, Ruby 1.8.7 😱), integrate Rails with DB2 on JRuby, and lead an effort to integrate React and modern JavaScript tooling (circa 2016) in a traditional, server-rendered views, monolithic Rails application. I’ve helped shape the development practices for our Rails team.

Outside of work, my family (shameless pics) is the most rewarding part of life. I enjoy a great video game. I like mentoring / teaching how to code, and need to try a developer-oriented twitch stream. I should blog more.

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